2015 12-28

Built-in Wardrobes for you Home

Human desire to have neat and clean surroundings is inborn. Human eye yearns for perfection. For that, it is necessary to arrange things in such a way that everything is on its place. It does not matter whether you have a small house or a big one, all that matters is how you manage the space to store all the items and make your room look neater and more spacious.


Time, Labor and Money Saving

A built-in wardrobe is the perfect idea to store and arrange your clothes and accessories in a modern way. If efficiently built, they can be more practical by applying simple working methods. It provides you with all the basic features in less space as compared to a closet. Built-in shelves are for arranging your stocking, clothes and shoes, drawers to place your accessories, ties, socks and scarves etc., and hanging space to hang your clothes, sweaters and coats saves a lot of space.


Not only is this, built-in wardrobes are less costly. You do not require all the wooden pieces to make the sides and back of your wardrobe so, in this way, it consumes less wood. The best advantage you have is that they are built in according to the shape and size of your room. As they are fitted in the wall, and do not consume a whole portion of the ground, you can decorate your room with the furniture you desire for and go for more contemporary items to place in your room.


Important Points

By keeping all these points in mind, you can work well with a carpenter and instruct him how much space you need for different items. A carpenter would help you with workable ideas such as the required size and the space available for this. If you are ready to make a built-in wardrobe in your room, include these points:


  1. The hanging space can be at different levels. An eye leveler rod can be used to hang coats, dresses etc., a little lower rod is suitable for tops and a little higher rod is helpful in hanging long dresses, maxis, gowns, etc.
  2. Two to three drawers to stock your socks and ties etc. are enough, but if you really want to save a little money, no need to go for drawers because they add a lot in the price of the wardrobe. Rather, you can use the drawers of your dressing table and side tables, if available. If not available, you can use one of the shelves or baskets for different purposes.
  3. One or two shelves for placing shoes should be kept in mind too. It is really troublesome to arrange your shoes at some place and make them handy at the time of use, avoiding the mess in the house. So, don’t forget to spare some extra space for your shoes.
  4. Along with all these basic columns, you must leave some space for putting other household items such as blankets, bed clothing, etc. For that, you can have a separate whole portion or cabinets above your wardrobe and it proves as useful by the time, as it stores so many things.
  5. Instead of swinging doors, if you choose to have sliding doors, it would look more beautiful and would not require the front space for the opening and closing of the doors.


2015 12-14

What to plant in fall?

Fall Flowers


Planting is done all year round but plants are categorized for different seasons. Fall is here and we have to decide which plants to use in this weather for our home garden. Today, I have listed down the choices for plants. In fall you can plant vegetables of cool weather, turf grass, trees, perennials and shrubs. The fall season is ideal for plants as they grow properly don’t get much harmed and the soil is also rich for a healthy growth. Fall has a normal raining period rather than the heavy rains we receive in spring, which can be very ruining for plants. Fall gives us the opportunity to make our gardens blossom steadily. The plants do not get attacked by pests and other diseases much either, but be careful of the extreme cold that comes after fall as it can be very intense for the plants to handle.


So take a trip to your local nursery and pick up some plants based on the information below. But be careful and don’t let what happened to us happen to you. We hit something in the road that required towing of our vehicle. (These guys did a great job so a shout out to them at AZ Valley Towing.)


Flower Bulbs

The flower bulbs require a session of cool latency to bud. In fall, make sure the flower bulbs are arranged in a pretty way in your garden. If animals come upon your garden often, that’s safe because they don’t like to bite flower bulbs. These plants are the safest and loveliest choice to plant during fall.


Vegetables of Cool Season

Most of the vegetables strengthen in cold weather, like kale, carrots, spinach, radishes, lettuce, etc. Such vegetables should be planted in just the beginning of fall season to give them (more…)

2015 12-02

How to Make any Room Look Pretty?

Don’t blindly follow every rule you read in a home décor magazine or book. Keep everything according to your desirability, so that whenever you go into a room, you can feel the pride of your handiwork and not as if a magazine décor has been copied and cramped into it. Set you limits, your rules and your wishes. Make out a good budget and follow suit.


Now, I know this might be hard for you, but paint your walls at the end as people usually have the mindset to paint the walls in the beginning. In my opinion, paint should be applied after the furniture has been placed into your room. I’m not asking you to have the rooms fully coated like twice or thrice. I’m advising you to give the finishing touches with a fresh coat of paint in the last, because you never know what might and might not clash with your room décor.


Always place your furniture keeping proper space. Don’t cramp everything together and give the room the impression of untidy living. Place your furniture in a minimal, yet it should not portray an empty look. Plus it is a great way to adopt a minimalist style living if you are on a tight budget. Put money in furniture that looks stylish, modish and lightly build because stuffy and heavyweight furniture doesn’t appear to be chic at all. For example (more…)